Wednesday, November 13, 2013

how to control your anger

I'm back.Some of you probably remember me from my other article called how to control your anger.Well you can think of this article as a continuation to that article as I mentioned in that article that that was just the first tip on anger and I would like to reveal many of the best ones with people like you so that you can teach them to other people who are troubled with these issues
All right so like I mentioned in the previous article,the first exercise was simply changing your posture.Well if you tried that and if it was successful than you should definitely try this while I tell you how to control your anger.If the previous one did not work for you,you could always try this one.Nothing bad in giving anything a chance eh!
All right guys.Let's get started
Exercise Number 2 - The drink the water exercise.
Well let me tell you that this exercise is relatively even more simpler than the first one but might be more of an understanding nature for you guys.So next time you start to get angry or are already angry,you know what you have to do.
Let me tell you a little thing about anger.The quickly you control it,the better you can control it.Just like a wild fire.The quicker the fire department arrives,the faster they can get the fire out,
So you're getting angry on that little idiot who just used up your only parking space and you simply drink water.Just pour a glass of water.Let the water become still.It is important that you drink still water.That is one of the most assured and guaranteed how to control your anger.
What the water does is pour a calming effect on your body.You feel kind of soothed and much more comfortable.Then what? Well the simple thing is that after that you will not feel angry at all.No kidding.
Well do give this one a try.If the other method did not work for you,I think that this one definitely will work for you.On the condition that you actually work for it.
That's it for now guys.I think if I get more positive feedback like I got on that last post,I think I will have to write more of this stuff up.Peace out and enjoy your awesome lives.Be happy and make others happy.That's all that counts at the end of the day.

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